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Special Events At Men's Tournament

During the men's tournament, qualifying for the following special events will take place. Entry for each event is $10, except for the Around the Horn Contest, which is $25 ($5/participant).

2007 Home Run Derby Champion Matt Gasper

Home Run Derby

ASA approved bats only. Hitters supply their own pitcher. Entry Fee: $10. Hitters get 6 outs in the first round, and may re-enter for another $10 if they are not satisfied with their output. The top 4 HR totals move on to the second round. Ties for the last spot will be broken by a one-pitch, farthest distance hit.

In round 2, home run totals are reset to zero. Players hit in reverse order of round 1 scores, and get 6 outs. The player with the most home runs in round 2 is the winner.

Prize: $100 and trophy

Golden Arm Contest

Entry fee: $10. A area will be marked in center field roughly 150 feet away from home plate. Entrants are given five throws at a target approximately 6" tall and 3" wide set up at home plate. Scoring will be as follows:

Through the main target: 10 points
Through the secondary part of the target, or striking the target: 6 points
Within the batter's box/cones on either side of the plate: 2 points
Penalty for a throw that bounces twice or more: 1/2 the points awarded for that respective throw.

Top 2 scores from Round 1 advance to the finals. Final round format is a repeat of the first round, with the scores reset. Top score in the finals is the winner.

Prize: Half the money in the pot, trophy

Nathan Fischer IV (Fastest Man) Contest

Entry fee: $10. Contestants are timed in a single sprint around the bases. Players must start with at least one foot touching home plate. No preliminaries. Fastest time wins.

Prize: Half the money in the pot, trophy, contest naming rights for the next year!

General Tournament Rules

Men's Rules

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